Over 14 Million in value has now been provided to Grand Lodges

$14,152,500.00 of base value in Masonicoin has now been provided to Masonic Grand Lodges throughout the world.


We are grateful to fulfilling our initial goal of contributing to the craft by providing our cryptocurrency Masonicoin to Masonic Grand Lodges throughout the world.

Masonicoin is exclusively provided at masonicoin.com and is now listed and available to trade on your choice of 10 different decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges!


For a limited time, Masonicoin will now donate 15% of each contribution made to a local lodge in need. At the end of each month, a cash donation will be mailed to a supporting lodge in the name of those who have contributed. Masonicoin will provide a congratulatory letter with each contributors name from that month and a check to the recipient lodge.


Remember, you do not have to financially contribute anything to receive Masonicoin. Each person receives 3 free Masonicoin just for signing up at masonicoin.com. 25 additionally is provided to each Master Mason free when registering. Please visit our user guide for more information or to get started. 


View of Masonicoin on the new SmartHoldem.io exchange XBTS:


The local lodge donation amounts must exceed 100 USD. Please use the contact us form to recommend your lodge as the recipient. Please also let us know if you prefer your contribution to be anonymous. The local lodge to receive a donation will be chosen either by the highest quantity of contributing Master Masons from a lodge or the Masonicoin Board Of Advisors will vote on the recipient lodge.


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