McAfee Provides Masonicoin Identity Protection

McAfee Shopper Identity Protection is now available.

McAfee Secure now let's Masonicoin contributors opt-in to a $100,000 protection plan in the case of identity theft from a transaction on After completing each contribution, either a pop up module or an email from McAfee Secure. Simply enter your email/info and opt-in for coverage over the next 90 days.

This insurance policy has already been paid in full to cover transactions over the next twelve months up to June 1, 2019. Masonicaide/Masonicoin has provided this policy as a courtesy without any additional cost to you.

We thank you for your help in making Masonicoin become a household name and we will continue to provide any cost efficient benefits possible to protect and thank our loyal fans and contributors.

"Protect customers' identities. Shopper Identity Protection lets your customers opt-in to a $100,000 coverage plan that protects them in the event of identity theft." - McAfee Secure



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