May Issuer Incentive

Issuer incentive for May 1st 2018

For everyone who has financially contributed here on You will receive 25 more Masonicoin in your exchange account per each $1.00 USD previously contributed!

As seen in the picture at 9am this morning. The latest price in USD is 0.3584 cents. 25 Masonicoin equates to an additional $8.96 account value of Masonicoin in your account for every dollar you have contributed to date.

Like all contributions that receive Masonicoin. We ask that you hold your new issue for at least 90 days unless there is a significant increase in demand on the exchanges causing a spike in price. That should allow transactions to process due to open interest while previous holders diversify or get liquidity. Like any cryptocurrency there must be a buyer for every seller and a seller for every buyer.

It may take a few days so please allow us time to provide your new Masonicoin. You will get an email confirmation once complete. We are grateful to serve you. Thank you for being a part of the Masonicoin movement!


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