May 2018 incentive

On May 1st we surprised everyone and provided an additional 25 Masonicoin per each $1 contributed on in March and April as our way of saying thank you. Within 3 months, Masonicoin can be found on 8 decentralized exchanges and translated in dozens of languages. We believe this is just the beginning of many great things to come!

This Friday June 1st will commence the end of our third month of being listed and traded. The Masonicoin founding repository will provide that same incentive for contributions made in the month of May. You will automatically receive a 25 Masonicoin for each $1 USD contributed in your account and in your exchange account on June 1st.

If you are new to cryptocurrency and still not sure. Remember, you do not have to contribute to receive and be part of Masonicoin. For a limited time, each new account receives 3 free Masonicoin just for signing up on Then you can see your own Masonicoin in your account on the decentralized exchange. If you are Freemason you will also get 25 additional Masonicoin. Visit to get started while this promotion is still available.

Contribution Cart for Masonicoin

MASONICOIN view on Bitshares on May 29, 2018 about 12:30pm

Masonicoin on Bitshares



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