Masonicoin Notice to Brethren

We are cryptocurrency with a cause.

Masonicoin is a cryptocurrency that is currently being traded on several decentralized exchanges worldwide in China, Russia, United States and Denmark. It is powered by Masonicaide and created with united Freemasons, Shriners and Widows Sons.

We consider ourselves to be the world's most benevolent and powerful network of free and accepted Master Masons. Masonicoin was created as a monetization method to provide charitable contributions back to our beloved fraternal organizations and society.

With your acceptance, participation and support. We expect to see Masonicoin become a significant financial contributor throughout the craft. We hope to strengthen and create self-sustaining endowments that support lodges and its members worldwide. Members of the craft are provided 25 Masonicoin each with an additional 25 per affiliated lodge and 25 more per appendant like the Shriners and Widows Sons when registering at while the allocation is still available.

Masonicoin notice to brethren


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