Masonicoin is on the premier Russian exchange RuDEX

Masonicoin is now listed on the decentralized Russian cryptocurrency exchange RuDEX. Thank you RuDEX!

The premier Russian exchange RuDEX allows you to buy, sell or trade Masonicoin against the other major cryptocurrencies and purchase in their fiat currency Rubles.

From RuDEX:

Advantages of our entry point are intuitive and convenient Russian-language interface existing as a web application and in the desktop version. Russian-language support is always ready to answer your questions. The phiatic gateway (bridge) allows unimpeded introduction of funds into and out of the platform in rubles.


Visit RuDEX to learn more or open up an account with them.

Masonicoin is on RuDEX

View of Masonicoin / RUBLE on the Russian exchange RuDEX in our first few weeks. Russia's fiat paper currency is the RUBLE.

Masonicoin on RuDEX


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