Masonicoin is no secret anymore

Masonicoin has been listed and traded on the Graphene protocol and blockchain for almost three months now. The potential is there for Masonicoin to become massive, but it is misunderstood by some within Freemasonry. Some have never heard of cryptocurrency while others have preconceived notions about it along with their inherent nature to automatically think there is an ulterior motive or that "this is too good to be true" are wrong to. We believe those initial reactions to be justified but not a close minded conclusion without asking the source questions. Not that we all have to agree but it is impossible to make an informed intelligent decision without knowing anything about Masonicoin or our true intentions. As I was taught being a Master Mason, we can only solve the problems from within by being there. On the other hand there are those who are very accepting, love this idea and are excited that it has finally come to fruition. Some have comfort in knowing that Masonicoin was built and operated by other Freemasons as opposed to an inevitable "craft coin" that may have been created by a "cowan" for their own profit.

Therefore, I would like to provide more light about Masonicoin to dispel some concerns and explain why we chose the Graphene protocol, technology and exchanges. Allow me to explain how some things work with us. 

1) For those new to cryptocurrencies, this is extremely simple and user friendly comparatively. With Bitshares you only need a unique name and password to log into the bitshares blockchain. No hassle, no waiting and need for duplicative verification. This further can allow for true anonymity on the blockchain amongst each other (unless you share your username) after you have received your Masonicoin from founding supply on We believe we have simplified the overall process for one to receive founding Masonicoin supply and lowered the barrier to entry for some to get involved in a newer cryptocurrency. View our step by step instructions to get setup and receive 3 free Masonicoin to trade or sell on an exchange yourself while the promotion lasts.

2) You have the choice to use the online web view, exchange and wallet. There is also desktop client software you can download to your PC to view and trade your holdings like a traditional trade station. You may also use the Bitshares android app to view and transfer your Masonicoin. Further, you can also download your cryptocurrency account/wallet to you PC for long terms storage or just for the added protection.

Link to download the desktop version for Windows or Mac: Bitshares Desktop

Link to download the Android app for your phone or tablet: Google Play Store

3) Why the select exchanges? We are decentralized crypto and therefore only use truly decentralized exchanges. We believe it also adds an additional layer of security and protection compared to a "centralized" exchange like Coinbase/GDAX or Binance who are prone to hackers. Furthermore, our system provides a quicker and more user friendly process. If you send a Bitcoin payment from Coinbase, we have seen them take hours for the recipient to receive. However, in a true decentralized environment the crypto you sent is instantly seen in the intended account. Why do you think that is? It is not for security as Coinbase may say! It has been my experience as a merchant and a customer that most online stores who accept Bitcoin as payment have 15 minute timers. Therefore, when you use the popular Coinbase (who also limits you to one exchange, GDAX) to send a Bitcoin payment, your order may have already been cancelled for non payment. So things you thought had been purchased may not have been while the merchant still received your Bitcoin sometimes several hours later. 

List of known exchanges who have Masonicoin available to buy sell or trade; Bitshares, Open Ledger, GDEX, Crypto Bridge, Bit Empire, WINEX, RuDEX and more to announce soon.

4) The Graphene blockchain that Masonicoin is on is the future. Just ask the US stock exchange NASDAQ who has created some cryptocurrency derivatives of the publicly listed tech companies. Stocks like Facebook, Amazon, EBAY and many more. Because they are on the same blockchain as Masoncoin we have seen it paired against your Masonicoin. NASADAQ may know something more than the negative naysayers about Masonicoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

We posted these pictures on our facebook page March 20, 2018. 

NASDAQ creates a crypto derivative of Facebook

NASDAQ creates a crypto derivative of Facebook as seen with Masonicoin

5) If you are cryptocurrency trader and you're looking in the market to diversify and trade a new cryptocurrency against hundreds of current coins, then Masonicoin may be for you. Bitshares on the Graphene blockchain have had more successful transactions in one day than both Bitcoin and Etherium combined! Those in the crypto world need not worry about transaction time or fulfillment when there is open interest or liquidity available. 

Bitshares transaction chart on Masonicoin

6) What happens when there is no more mining because we reach the Bitcoin hard cap? Those who once mined are no longer financially incentivized and may be gone with the ledger. Mining allows Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions to happen while providing "reliable" third-party transaction verification since those records then become historical on that blockchains public ledger. The technically savvy who mine may also see the cost outweighing the benefits if the price of Bitcoin continues downward as we, being contrarians, believe it will. As new cryptocurrencies come into play they may take away from the new demand for Bitcoin with those funds going elsewhere, like into Masonicoin. We believe it is supply and demand that makes anything valuable. With a long-term view, Masonicoin chose to use the secure and truly decentralized Graphene protocol, technology and blockchain in addition because there is no use for miners as they have devised a better system for reliability with witnesses and committee members. This to use shows a long terms view with plans for scalability and sustainability and a system that currently is said to handle upwards of 180,000 transactions per second. Again, we believe the Graphene/Bitshares blockchain to be the most user friendly, advanced, secure and unprecedented in reliability. Our shared blockchain currently holds the record for processing more transactions in any single day than both Bitcoin and Ethereum combined. To us this is the future, mining is dead.

We can go on and on with many more reasons why we did what we did. But this post is now long so we will continue and expand upon this over time. What is now being seen here is only the "tip of the iceberg" planned for the immense success of Masonicoins future. 


Masonicoin traded in 3 steps simplified and scalable




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