MASONICOIN is listed on Bitspark

Masonicoin is now on the Bitspark decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Spark DEX

The Hong Kong group has developed its own reward token, ZEPH and is said to be building a cash to cryptocurrency ecosystem without banks. Since Bitspark is building on the same blockchain it has allowed MASONICOIN to be easily listed and traded through their Spark DEX exchange. 

Trade MASONICOIN on the Spark DEX here: MASONICOIN

About Bitspark:

Bitspark, a Hong Kong based fintech company that provides a secure web and mobile platform for money transfer operators to send and receive payments quicker and cheaper utilising blockchain technology in addition to a suite of compliance and analytics tools tailored for the MTO industry.

Bitspark has in recent years expanded to over seven countries in the Asia Pacific and African regions including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Ghana, Nigeria, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Pakistan and has formed a number of important partnerships and gained recognition at home and internationally. Bitspark has a history of excellent support from many notable organisations.

Bitspark is an alumni of the Cyberport Incubation Program in 2014 backed by the Hong Kong government, in 2015 was selected for the Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab APAC, in 2016 selected for the SixThirty Fintech accelerator USA and in 2017 was selected by the United Nations Development Program for financial inclusion projects in Tajikistan. In the financial space, Bitspark has been recognised by Goldman Sachs, Citibank, KPMG and Nikkei and has received coverage by noted publications like Forbes, SCMP, RT News, New York Times, The Australian, Coindesk and many more.


To learn more or to create an account with BItspark visit: 

To download their app in the Android play store visit: Sendy App

Bitspark and Masonicoin

View of Masonicoin on Bitspark 12/11/2018

Bitspark DEX lists MASONICOIN



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