Masonicoin is listed on 8 cryptocurrency exchanges


Being a new cryptocurrency and getting listed on an exchange to us is a big deal. It provides legitimacy and can often be what makes or breaks the level of adoption and market impact. Masonicoin is proud to currently be listed on 8 different decentralized exchanges within months of launching. 

In addition to getting listed on crypto exchanges, the founding repository of Masonicoin offers a rare fiat on ramp which makes it even more appealing in the game of adoption. A fiat gateway by the cryptocurrency seems to be what all other cryptocurrencies are missing out on by leaving it to the exchanges or third party payment gateways. Third party gateways may charge significant fees and have questionable security. is fee free and has identity protection with breach insurance from McAfee Secure.

Being on an exchange provides legitimacy and the potential means in gaining access to liquidity which is vital for long term success. We know of NO other cryptocurrency that provides its own payment gateway while also having systems in place to then provide their crypto to a user's choice of any one of the approved exchanges they are listed on. If you can’t trade it, why bother having it?

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