also acts as a payment gateway can also act as a one-way payment gateway. Contributions in cryptocurrencies and many fiat currencies like USD, GBP, EUR are accepted. You then receive the equivalent base value of MASONICOIN in your exchange account.

A fiat gateway by the cryptocurrency seems to be what all other cryptocurrencies are missing out on by leaving it to the exchanges or third party payment gateways. Third party gateways may charge significant fees and have questionable security. is fee free and has identity protection with breach insurance from McAfee Secure.

Our users have choice to use any one of the approved cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets which is why it is important that users understand how to manage their exchange of choice themselves.

When using you simply are creating NEW supply of Masonicoin on the blockchain in your account on the exchanges. This means that your Masonicoin gets provided to your exchange wallet online so that you can then manage it on a third party platform when exchanging/trading or selling Masonicoin.

Masonicoin payment gateway

A common question that we receive is:

Q: “How come there is a difference between price that is on the exchanges?”

A: We created a monthly base value for new supply of Masonicoin. Cryptocurrencies fluctuate and can be volatile. In part, we believe having a base value of founding supply will help create price stability along with us having a stability fund. We also try to provide more in quantity as an incentive than what someone may receive in the open market on an exchange. With each contribution, the issuer converts unissued to issued from the founding repository to create new supply of Masonicoin. That new supply of Masonicoin is then provided to you in your exchange account because of your contribution.


There is a maximum total supply that limits the quantity and availability of new Masonicoin. Each contribution, issuer incentives or splits increase the total overall supply of Masonicoin on the blockchain. Although newly issued supply has increased, the limited availability of unissued decreases. Each charitable contribution helps increase supply and reserves you a piece of Masonicoin on the blockchain.

We ask new supply to be held for 90 days unless there is a significant increase in value due to high demand on the exchanges. That may help fulfill open interest in the market and provide liquidity. If you are a cryptocurrency trader planning to buy, sell or trade Masonicoin in the short term then please purchase Masonicoin on an approved decentralized exchange. 

If you are using another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum to make a contribution then you must complete your transaction within the provided time frame or you will have to repeat the process once again.

There are also NO additional fees whatsoever when you make a contribution on or when receiving Masonicoin in your decentralized exchange account. Payment Gateway


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