Masonicoin helps provide liquidity on the blockchain helps provide liquidity in an otherwise illiquid market on the blockchain regardless of which exchange you use to Buy, Sell or trade your Masonicoin.

Being a newer cryptocurrency, we must overcome some challenges. One unexpected challenge was the liquidity in this market. We can all see Masonicoin is bought and sold every day, although it is the volume at times that is not impressive. To us we have surpassed many cryptocurrencies already by being listed on 8 exchanges within months of launching. However, as you may see, we are just getting started.

We believe the value in anything is based upon supply and demand. With high demand (Buy orders) and little supply (Sell orders), logically it should drive the value/price upwards. More supply with less demand diminishes the value and exchange rate. Many cryptocurrencies seem to have wide Bid and Ask strike prices. In the traditional trading world that screams uncertainty and means volatility. Volatility to a trader is a wonderful thing providing a higher probability for profit, or loss. However, this is a zero-sum game. The exchanges as simply intermediaries that provide us all platform, the products (Masonicoin), with a buyer or seller on the other side of a trade. Meaning you need a buyer for every seller and a seller of every buyer which creates liquidity to execute exchange orders.

With each problem, there is a solution. We have decided to simplify and streamline the process for those who use other exchanges that Masonicoin may not be listed on. We have created a process and integrated a system that allows for real time conversion rates through that then Buy’s in BTS the equivalent amount of Masonicoin from open Sell orders on the blockchain. Let that sink in for a minute.

As an example. If you use the wallet Coinbase, they only give you a choice of 4 cryptocurrencies. However, you can now use to send Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin from your Coinbase wallet to receive Masonicoin.

We can simultaneously help provide everyone access and liquidly in the market and process the transaction to provide Masonicoin to your account in any one of the 8 approved exchange without fees.


If there is any difference from this process that causes a shortfall of Masonicoin, the contribution amount will still be provided on the blockchain to users exchange account from new supply. A shortfall may be caused from time to time due to a lack of open Sell orders, conversion rates, fees or from a dramatic change in price during process. The equivalent quantity difference will be provided within hours from contribution. Any surplus from this process will be used to cover operating costs.

Cryptocurrency liquidity with Masonicoin

MASONICOIN / BTS on RuDEX July 11, 2018

Masonicoin on RuDEX


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