Our letter to Grand Lodges

Packets were sent out with formal Masonicoin Certificates that have original signatures, embossed seal and special features to verify authenticity.

Our letter to each Grand Lodge explains how local lodges also have a vested interest in these Masonicoin certificates. Our goal here is to provide transparency and complete clarity to the craft regarding our simple method for a cash waterfall with disbursements made to local lodges pro rata. We wanted to find a way that was in the best interest of everyone in the craft while removing any subjectivity to the process. The GL sell orders are intentionally deferred and staggered to help with price fluctuations by having more supply than demand at any one point in time. In addition, 20% of the holdings have been placed in a stability fund to be held for 3 years. We cannot provide a guarantee of the future value of Masonicoin if any. We are simply trying to do something that we hope and believe is in the best interest of everyone and that will be of future benefit financially for the craft and its members.
After all the GL Certificates have gone out worldwide. The allocation for the appendant bodies in Freemasonry will then be disbursed accordingly. Collectively, we all should have an interest in an immense future success of Masonicoin with the early adopters benefiting the most over those who are not so accepting.

The letter below was sent to Grand Lodges with our Whitepaper, User Guide, Notice to Brethren and the formal Masonicoin certificate. A USB also was provided with duplicates for convenience and east distribution of our notice to the brethren.


May 1, 2018

Dear Grand Lodge,

This letter is to notify you about Masonicoin, a cryptocurrency with a cause. Masonicoin is currently being traded on several decentralized exchanges worldwide including premier exchanges in Denmark, China, Russia and the United States. Masonicoin was created to help provide financial stability while allowing for charitable contributions on the blockchain. It was created and operated by Freemasons, Shriners and Widows Sons members worldwide.

Herein is your Masonicoin Certificate as our charitable contribution providing you an initial portion of Masonicoin on the blockchain. This Masonicoin must initially be held for no less than eighteen months from the date of issue. Thereafter, holdings may not be disbursed or sold for less than $0.25 cents or in tranches greater than 150,000 Masonicoin in any three-month period to help ensure price stability. When any portion of a Grand Lodge holdings are sold, 50% of the received amount is then to be disbursed in fiat currency, or its equivalent value in equal proportions, within 45 days to each chapter in your state. Therefore, your states local lodges have a vested interest in the success and participation of Masonicoin by also being recipients of any revenue received. Any extenuating circumstances that would permit changes must be agreed upon beforehand in writing with the creators.


Attached to this letter are instructions on setting up your account on a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and on masonicoin.com. Also provided is a notice to brethren to be distributed to members within your state regarding registration for their free portion of Masonicoin while the allotment is still available.

We believe everyone’s income is in direct proportion to the value of service provided along with one’s societal contributions. Masonicoin is one way we are able to give back to the craft. With your acceptance, participation and support. We expect Masonicoin to benefit many while becoming a significant financial contributor throughout Freemasonry.


Creators of Masonicoin

Masonicoin certificate to Grand Lodges

Masonicoin Grand Lodge Notice to Brethren


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