Get a 10 to 1 split on July 1st

The founding repository of Masonicoin will now provide a 10 to 1 split on July 1st for all contributions made in the month of June. You will automatically receive 10 additional Masonicoin for each $1. contributed in June directly into your exchange account on July 1st.

Last month on June 1st, the founding repository successfully provided users additional Masonicoin for contributions made in the month of May. It has now been 4 full months that we have been listed and traded in the market on 8 decentralized exchanges. We are translated in dozens of languages and can be traded against dozens of other cryptocurrencies. Masonicoin has also now fulfilled its obligation to provide an initial issue of Masonicoin to Masonic Grand Lodges throughout the world. provides a simple way for anyone new to cryptocurrency to get involved. We now have video tutorials along with a user guide while simplifying the process even further. For a limited time, each new account receives 3 free Masonicoin just for signing up on Refer a friend and you will also receive 3 free Masonicoin.



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