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Since our inception, everyone who created an account on has been provided 3 FREE Masonicoin to their exchange account without any cost or contribution from them. We have something to prove and like to flood lives with joy! Also, if we are a great as we say, and we are, than why not give everyone a small piece of Masonicoin on the blockchain to prove it!

We see other cryptocurrencies doing something similar called "airdrops" which is supposed to provide people who register an amount, mostly undetermined, of their token/coin whenever they launch, if ever. This is a great method of marketing a cryptocurrency to the mass public. However, we believe some of the reasons they do this is to collect your data and to artificially increase the quantity of their coins holders to create a false perception of demand when or if they launch.

While some cryptocurrencies seem to never provide their airdrops, others may do it sometimes many months later. Well, we are in the now age and we know that you want it now! No need to wait weeks and months for an airdrop to supposedly happen someday in the future. 

For a limited time, register now and you will get 11 FREE Masonicoin in your account on any listing exchange today! Visit to learn more or click HERE to get started or view our step by step user guide with video tutorials here

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